Welcome to Erion Signs

Business Profile

  • Erion Signs was established in 1999 as a small business
  • From 1999 -2001 the business focused on the manufacturing and installation of signs for small businesses
  • In 2001 JT Prinsloo joined Erion Signs and focused on bigger contracts – landing a contract with SPAR SA in Gauteng & Northern region
  • In 2003 JT Prinsloo took over the business and approached  Corporate Companies and began trading as a CC
  • JT Prinsloo approached companies such as Romano Signs, Claude Neon, First African Signs and Lutge Signs



  • Our promise is to deliver top quality products at reasonable prices as well as providing job opportunities and specialised in-house training, uplifting the community to create job opportunities
  • Right the First Time, to be hands on with customer’s needs
  • It is important to have immediate action taken to resolve problems
  • Integrity before price, providing excellent service



  • Our Vision is to exceed customer expectations, deliver outstanding products and service
  • Every customer is important.  This is a belief which our company values are based on
  • In line with our personal services offering, we will work closely with the respective and responsible people within the relevant company to ensure that all services and products are in line with the customer satisfaction


Short Term Goal

  • Our Short Term Goal is to provide and maintain service/s and products to the satisfaction of our clients


Long Term Goal

  • Our Long Term Goal is to broaden our knowledge according to economical and technical changes as well as to keep up with international standards.  To expand our business to neighbouring countries (we have done some jobs in Swaziland, Botswana and Zimbabwe)


If you would like to find out more about Erion Signs, please contact us!

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